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Posted by KB6 on Januar 28, 2010
Free Drum Kits
Zoom Rt-123 in Free Drum Samples - Zoom RT-123

The next one is small and handy, only about 550g. The Zoom RT-123 has some years
on its back, but this Drummachine is quite modern. Its ease of use and sound quality
are great.

The sounds in it are mainly rock style, there are 80 Kits in. I dont know the year of
production, if anyone can help with this info, please mail me.

The Machine price is about 150 Euros (about 210 US$ new, if you can get it) and with
a little luck used about 50 Euros (70 US$).

The Sample Set is about 38 WAV Samples at 24bit/48khz.
Its online and you can get it via

If you own this machine and have the time, or you own a better/completer soundset
i will be happy to receive. I will reward you…

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