There is a lot of work in this website, i have done in the past years.
Basically it started in 1996 with a small collection of drumsamples i made as producer.
The Internet was in its infancy and a lot easyer to navigate with only some million
websites in… ;-)

Over the years the collection growed… it was pretty, but not very extensive.

So about end 2007 i had much of free time and decided to work more concentrated on it.
Because a really alternative and comprehensive site for downloading free Drum Samples
simply doesent exist.

Today as of 05.APR.2009, after 15 months of continous monthly updates, a heavy time
of SEO and SEM, many major and minor improvements and some new design, i am nearly
satisfied with the site itself. This new Blog will be the logic extension.

But i digress… ;-) I need more Samples for the Site. If you can help me with fresh materials
and more old vintage Sounds, please contact me, i will reward you.
Blank in Contribute

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