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Posted by KB6 on April 17, 2009
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The Cheetah SpecDrum is a little strange thing, born in 1985. It’s a extension module
for a Sinclair ZX Spectrum Homecomputer and converts it into some kind of a Sampler
with a realtime Sequencer (like Fairlight).

Originally it has 8 Drumsounds, loaded from Tape. Later there where additional Tapes
with another 8 sampled Sounds each (Afro, Electro and Latin Sets). For its time in the
mid 80′s the Sound was very good and sounds little like a Linn Drum. The “Machine”
itself cost only a tenth of a “real” Drum Machine.

The Sample Set is about 32 WAV Samples (all 4 original Sets) at 16bit/44khz.
Its online and you can get it via

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