Free Drum Samples – Roland TR-909

Posted by KB6 on April 07, 2009
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Roland Tr909 in Free Drum Samples - Roland TR-909

The Roland TR-909 is a real classic.  It’s the probably most overused Drum
Machine in history of electronic Music. In the 90′s, it was hard to get some Techno
Music without sounds of this Monster from 1983.
Even today it is hard to find, and you have to spend about 1.500 – 2.000 US$…

It has one of the first hybrid Engines, partly based on Samples in Rom (Hihat,
Cymbal) and another part analogue modelling (Bass, Snare, Clap…)

The Sample Set is about 474 WAV Samples at different bitrates and resolution,
mostly 16bit/44khz. Its online and you can get it via

Blank in Free Drum Samples - Roland TR-909

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